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"Life has become a mad rush and most of our energy is being used to keep pace in fear of being left behind …. True wisdom can only be found far away from other humans in great solitude." - Fridtjof Nansen – Norwegian polar explorer

I am an amateur photographer and my principal interest is the wildlife and landscapes of the UK and Europe.

My website includes a selection of photos that I have taken over a number of years in England, Wales and Scotland plus photos from my trips to northern and southern Europe.

I have organised my photos in to a number of different galleries.

Here are my latest photos and my own selected "photos of the month".

I have also included details of the equipment that I use and some of my own personal photography tips which I feel have contributed to my development as a photographer.

If you feel like commenting on my photos or any other aspect of my website, I would be very pleased to hear from you. You can contact me by completing the contact form.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit my web site. I hope you enjoy it and return again soon.

Julie Fowlis - Dh’èirich mi moch, b' fheàrr nach do dh’èirich

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